About Kathleen Ratteree

I am a mother, wife, author, speaker, non-Native ally and third year Ed.D. student in First Nations Education at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. My husband, Paul and I live on 40 acres just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin, on the ancestral homelands of the Ho-Chunk and Menominee Nation. We grow Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash), tobacco, various vegetables and fruit trees. We also raise chickens and goats for our family.

I am the co-editor of The Great Vanishing Act: Blood Quantum and the Future of Native Nations, Fulcrum, 2017. You can learn more about and purchase my book on the Fulcrum publisher website.

Reviewers say:

“This extraordinary, wildly informative book provides deep insight to the challenges Native America faces with blood quantum. The book could very well inspire Native America to consciously and deeply rethink how our tribes have been delineated by blood quantum policy and its pure intent to extinguish our people.” —Richard Luarkie, CEO, Emerging Equities Solutions Group, Former Governor for Pueblo of Laguna

“The Great Vanishing Act provides incisive criticism and warning regarding colonially inspired and federally promulgated modes of American Indian assimilation and annihilation – most notable the Anglo-American racial notion of blood quantum.” —Gabriel S. Galanda, Galanda Broadman, PLLC

My Learning Community

I am honored to be part of the inaugural learning community in the First Nations in Education doctoral program at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. Our program is rooted in the Four Rs framework as developed and articulated by Rosemary Ackley Christensen at UW Green Bay Rosemary. These Four R’s are the core values of the indigenous world: Relationship Responsibility Respect Reciprocity

More information about this groundbreaking program can be found here. And here.

Our Ten Hens Homestead








love of the land

Releasing monarchs with Daniel

My husband Paul and I have two spunky children: Daniel who is 8 and Eliza James who is 5. We are honored to learn from them everyday and to watch them grow into strong, loving and independent beings.

Snuggling with Eliza

Indigenous Knowledge Blog

Sugar snap peas blossoming in the June garden, 2020.

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